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We are planning a bright future for the National CARES Mentoring Movement (CARES), one that keeps us moving forward, relevant and thriving, and provides mission fuel that elevates the lives of our oft-forgotten children living in poverty. A critical step in bringing this vision to fruition is restructuring leadership at CARES from a place of strength and in a timely manner. Effective immediately, Chief Development Officer Kerri Osborne and Chief Programs and Partnerships Officer Stephen Powell are now serving as Co-Executive Directors.

This carefully wrought and clearly defined co-executive director leadership model will better equip CARES to achieve our goals. Moreover, it will allow our organization to remain nimble and responsive to the needs of our children, communities and stakeholders. 

Susan L. Taylor will remain in her current capacity as founder and CEO. Susan shares, “Stephen and Kerri are solid and caring people for whom I have great respect and the utmost trust, and I am confident that extending greater responsibility and authority to both, while clearly delineating their roles as co-executive directors, is the wisest way forward for CARES. They have been integral to the development, implementation and scaling of CARES’ culturally anchored, healing work. Their leadership and devotion to community over the years have made CARES a leader in addressing the impacts of racialized trauma in the lives of children and the adults who care for them.”

Kerri Osborne will manage fund development, marketing and communications and operations. She brings strong administrative, organizational and fundraising skills to CARES; she is an eager educator and a patient and clear communicator. She possesses a willingness to dive into new territory, learn it and execute. Before CARES, she spent fourteen years at Jumpstart for Young Children in a variety of leadership roles with both regional and national responsibilities. During this time, she led both programmatic and fundraising growth, which allowed the organization to expand its reach and serve more children.

Stephen Powell will manage affiliates, programs, and partnerships—entities with teams that have boots on the ground across the country. Stephen has an exceptionally wide national network of leaders, a deep understanding of the Black community and best practices in mentoring. His powerful presentations to Community Impact Partners, parents and young people are inspiring and memorable. With experience as a national Executive Director for Mentoring USA, Stephen brings a breadth of expertise to his work at CARES.

Both Kerri and Stephen are passionate about CARES’ work and serving the community. They see firsthand that transformation is possible and that CARES has a path forward to affecting that transformation at scale.

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