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Our CARES Affiliate network in 58 U.S. cities recruits caring volunteers and connects them to where they are urgently needed: in schools, local youth-serving organizations including our own, and detention centers and reentry programs located in communities that are disrupted by poverty. In addition, our large group-mentoring programs, alive in seven cities and which we are preparing for national replication and rollout, focus on the emotional, social, academic and professional development of our children and the wellness of the adults who mentor and parent them.


(9/13/23) - This list is currently being edited. If you have challenges accessing direct emails, please "right click" to see the respective email address. If you do not see your community listed, send a message to

Rayfield Jefferson Albuquerque CARES
Nicolle Mc Million Antelope Valley CARES
Rev. Jesse Turner Arkansas Pine Bluff CARES
Brenda Coleman Atlanta CARES
Michael Lofton Austin CARES
Alvan Angelle Austin CARES
Armando Seay Baltimore CARES
Kathlyn Adams Seay Baltimore CARES
Crystal Ash Birmingham CARES
Deonna Desir Boston CARES
Bianca Johnson Bronx CARES
Denise Johnson Bronx CARES
Valarie Carey Brooklyn CARES
Skai Stroud Brooklyn CARES
Craig Bell Charlotte CARES
Jessica Armstead Dallas-Fort Worth CARES
Nakeesha Richmond Dallas-Fort Worth CARES
Venita Kelly Dayton CARES
Codie Egart Greater Denver CARES
Tiana Barnes-Palmer Derby City CARES (Louisville)
Sharon Madison Detroit CARES
Michael Steinback Detroit CARES
Marcel Smith Detroit CARES
Velez Childress Durham CARES
Alberta Lampkins Fayetteville-Raeford CARES
Al Lampkins Fayetteville-Raeford CARES
Rev. Tish Williams The Hamptons CARES
Dasia Newman Manhattan CARES
Michael Mudho Manhattan CARES
Kimberly Elam Houston CARES
Tracy Boyd Indianapolis CARES
Ken Jefferson Jacksonville CARES
Ywanna Allen Jacksonville CARES
Gwendolynne Cole North LA County CARES
Brent Burton Los Angeles CARES
Rosalyn Willis Memphis CARES
Col. Ed Brown Montgomery CARES
Menyon Harrell Nassau County CARES (Long Island, NY)
Roxanna Bilal National Capital Area CARES (Washington, DC)
Amera Bilal National Capital Area CARES (Washington, DC)
Darcell Kelly Greater Newark CARES
Deb Kersey Oakland Bay CARES
Deb Shaw Omaha CARES - 100 Black Women
Paula Bradshaw Greater Orlando CARES
Terri Michele
Linda Banks
Pittsburgh CARES
Pittsburgh CARES
Tracey Cassell Providence CARES
Stacie N.C. Grant Queens CARES
Cheryl Brownlee Sacramento CARES
Mary Fulton-Moore San Antonio CARES
Harold Moore San Antonio CARES
Cherolyn Jackson San Diego CARES
Marlene Broner San Diego CARES
Lisa Dixon San Jose-Silicon Valley CARES
Donald Cameron Seattle CARES
Hazel Cameron Seattle CARES
Luisa Nemorin South Florida CARES
Angela Reyes
Venita Kelly
South Florida CARES
Andrea Lawful Sanders Southeastern PA (SEPA) CARES (Philadelphia)
Rev. Robert Jackson Stamford CARES
TBD Tallahassee-Indaba CARES
Darlene Bell Twin Cities CARES
LaKendric Williams Windy City CARES (Chicago)

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