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Reducing the Heartbreak: How We Are Addressing the Crisis of Black Youth Suicide

Did you know? In the last ten years, suicide rates among Black children ages five to eleven have doubled, while the rate among White children in the same age group has declined. The growing number of suicides among Black children demands deeper inquiry into the state of Black children's lives and why a growing number are choosing death due to their circumstances. 

Suicides are not a failure of children’s ability to cope as much as they are a catastrophe of adults’ inability to respond. 

Additionally, there are cases where bullying, particularly racist, misogynistic or homophobic bullying may increase risk for suicide in children. It’s important for parents and caregivers to be cognizant of bullying that may be occurring and respond appropriately. The National CARES Mentoring Movement is answering the call. There has not yet been sufficient research regarding the causes for this devastating trend, but CARES and our partners are working to do change that, and to also find supportive solutions to address the issue. We lead the way in holistic, culturally anchored, healing-centered approaches for our children and our communities. We are all at risk of losing too much, of losing our future, our beloved children, to suicide.

 Join us. Together, we can raise our voices to demand research be done, educate our parents and communities and ensure that our children receive the love and healing that they need to thrive. READ THE FULL REPORT.

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