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Cultural Curriculum Heals and Elevates Children's Lives

The National CARES Mentoring Movement is pioneering new paths forward that enhance the education of students in marginalized Black communities and under-resourced schools. CARES' culturally anchored curriculum is quenching a thirst for knowledge about themselves and their place in the world that Black children are rarely provided in school. Where do I fit in this world when I don't even matter? is an unspoken question that many students have. Any attempt at engaging our struggling children in knowledge building must begin with the historical evidence of their importance-as education in our nation does for White children. 

Encouraging and engaging children in low-performing schools, affirming their intelligence, understanding their experiences and centering them in their learning are among the pillars of CARES' llfe-propelllng work. Today, many school leaders are coming to terms with the truth that they must diversify their curricula. The pandemic and remote learning, which has been an enormous challenge for school districts, have laid bare the many inequities of growing up in poverty. Teachers brought into the homes of their students-virtually-have gotten a clearer picture of the barriers that impede students' learning. They see that when students find the lessons and curricula unrelatable to their lives, they opt out 

School districts are turning to CARES for cultural understanding and support of African American students-whose traumas have been compounded by the pandemic and social unrest. School leaders understand that they must introduce healing-centered and culturally anchored models into their schools, and many are trying. CARES Is working with schools to expand our Wellness Mentoring Circles and increase teachers' knowledge of trauma-engaged techniques that incorporate the culture of their students. 

The investment of our donors makes National CARES' culturally nourishing, life-affirming curricula possible, and you are helping us to strengthen and deepen it 


We thank you for being a part of the movement. 

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