Our Method

Everything you need to know about CARES


We believe that transformation does not begin in the statehouses, but first in our hearts and homes. 

We accomplish this through our rich, culturally responsive- 26-plus week curriculum, and through programs which are facilitated in a group-mentoring format by CARES-trained psychologists, social workers, educators and other healing experts.

African Americans—the high and the humble—are longing for what is greatly needed but rarely stated: a safe place to heal our hurt, depression and self-denial—all the legacies of centuries of enslavement, Jim Crow practices and internalized racism. This multigenerational harm has often prevented us from caring well for ourselves and our vulnerable young. Impoverished African American children have been so deeply hurt, and whose lives have been disrupted by violence and loss, are expected to thrive without the whole body, mind and spirit support regularly offered to middle-class and affluent children. We provide our mentors with the tools they need to support our most defenseless young ones.

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